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I am a qualified dentist in Brazil and in the UK with a MSc and PhD in Translational & Regenerative Dentistry. I co-created a dentine self-healing technique fully based on genetic modulation and stem cell activation in the dental pulp, that is now in course for clinical trials.

I believe in Dentistry evolving beyond the technical treatments we currently do. Which is why I have been dedicating my life to understand the human body biology, so that new dental treatments are fully based on the natural process of body healing. My ambition is to shape the future of Dentistry via molecular biology, genetics and epigenetics, creating products that are industry viable, and affordable for the general public, helping patients to naturally grow and repair their own oral tissues and organs.

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BDS student on 1st ever Research project supervision

Dr Neves was so nice and friendly and really made the whole experience much better. He made each of us speak individually and questioned us in order to take us out of our comfort zone in a way which was not too scary. He really helped to make me think in a way I hadn't before and made me more confident about speaking what I think. I really enjoyed working with him

BDS student on Lecturing on
biological topics

He was really good at explaining things I didn't quite understand throughout the process

BDS Student on tutoring and mentoring 

Dr Neves was very detailed in his feedback and it provided an excellent point of self-evaluation. He was extremely engaged and gave constructive criticism from which I was able to build on


Thanks for sending me a message! I will be back to you as soon as I can.

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