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I am a specialist in Periodontology with a MSc and PhD in Translational & Regenerative Dentistry. I am qualified in Brazil and in the UK, and have over a decade of experience in clinical and research environments. I co-created a dentine self-healing technique fully based on genetic modulation and stem cell activation in the dental pulp, and repurpused Metformin as new drug for the management of periodontal disease. 

I believe Dentistry needs evolving beyond the technical treatments we currently do. My research findings have the potential to shift the way that dentistry is done in the future whereby patients will receive more biologically-centered approaches, potentially making current strategies obsolete. My ambition is to shape the future of Dentistry via molecular biology, genetics and epigenetics, creating products that are industry viable, and affordable for the general public, helping patients to naturally grow and repair their own oral tissues and organs.

Simultaneously, in my clinical care approach, I merge my excellent academic knowledge with cutting-edge biologically based clinical approaches to implement the best management possible to restore health in my patients’ mouths. Most importantly, my treatment aims at improving my patient's overall health to maximise their medical outcomes. 

I specialised in treating patients with advanced periodontal diseases, complex gingival plastic surgeries, saving severely gum disease affected teeth, improving gummy smiles, replacing missing teeth with dental implants, and treating implants with implant diseases.

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Dr Vitor & team are the best I could have asked for. Dr Vitor truly cares about his patients! Really builds a lovely relationship to make the patient relax before any surgery. He explains the process of the treatment over and over if needed, he is very patient.  I highly recommend him!

Guy's and St Thomas' Trust Periodontology Consultant

Vitor is an overall outstanding clinician. He demosntrates excellent communication with the  team, professionalism and relationships with patients .

BDS Student on tutoring and mentoring 

Dr Neves was very detailed in his feedback and it provided an excellent point of self-evaluation. He was extremely engaged and gave constructive criticism from which I was able to build on

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Thanks for sending me a message! I will be back to you as soon as I can.

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