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Within the field of Periodontology, Dr Neves specialises in treatments of patients with advanced periodontal diseases, complex gingival plastic surgeries, saving severely gum disease affected teeth, improving gummy smiles, replacing missing teeth with dental implants, and treating implants with implant diseases.

He uses his excellent academic knowledge and cutting-edge biological approaches to implement the best management possible to restore health in your mouth. Dr Neves is also passionate about educating people to not only take care of their mouths, but in how to improve their overall health to maximise all medical outcomes.

From the beginning to the end of your patient journey, Dr Neves strives to make sure that you feel comfortable, keep informed, and feel confident on the decisions you are making about the treatment.

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Recession coverage 
Gum graft
Gum infection management
Gum overgrowth management
Crown lenghtening 
Bone regeneration

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Shape Dental Clinic

44 Kilburn High Rd,

North Maida Vale, London


020 7624 2434

07984 397750

Proface Dental Battersea

Studio 8, Cloisters House, Cloisters Business Centre,

8 Battersea Park Rd,

Nine Elms, London S

W8 4BG

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